Cica Zhou Weitong on the beach

Cica Zhou Weitong on the beach

Zhou Weitong Profile:
Name: Zhou Weitong
English: Cica zhou
Birthday: August 26, 1982
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 86/60/89cm
Educational level: secondary
Specialties: Singing
Constellation: Virgo
Blood Type: O-type
Interests: swimming, singing, reading
Personality: lively, outgoing
Described his own words:
Life motto: We must continue to set goals and the pursuit of goals
The most memorable thing: hear the host announce his award-winning
The most respected person: a teacher
Favorite Model: Cindy
Favorite Occupation: Model
Favorite Cosmetics: Juvena
Favorite clothes: Casual
The most commonly used fragrance: light-type
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite food: fruit, melon seeds
Favorite color: blue, red, black
Favorite hairstyle: straight hair, a long paragraph
Favorite Sports: Swimming
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite city: Shanghai
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Health Tip: Diet laws, adequate sleep
Won the 2000 Sixth China Model Star Contest winner and the “Most Popular Model Award”
2000-2001 as the “China Top Ten professional fashion model”

Cica Zhou Weitong on the beach
Cica Zhou Weitong on the beach
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