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Serena Fuentes's Profile:
Birth Date: 23rd July
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Ethnicity: Filipina
Zodiac: Cancer-Leo I’m right in the middle
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Dark
Fav Car: G 55 AMG.. It’s adventurous, beachy and very summer-chic
Hobbies: Gym, swimming, singing.
Turn Ons: Chivalrous & intelligent. Sense of humour is a must!
Turn Offs: Dirty shoes at the gym
Photographer Credits: Raymond Korn Photography
Tell us a little bit about your personality.
I’m a bubbly, funny, cheerful girl. I don’t like to let the little things get to me. Socially, I’m chill & very “que sera sera”. I love making others laugh, even at my own expense, I’ll laugh with them. It’s all about the smiles =D
How did you get into modeling?
I was a bit of a car crew chick, I developed a keen interest in cars, 4cyl Japs in particular. Then a girlfriend from the car scene  got me into a few couple of car shows which naturally got me interested in import modeling
Do you have any hidden talents? Don’t be shy.
I can service my own little car & sometimes diagnose what’s wrong with it. Goes without saying, I can certainly stand to learn much more, but I’ve always secretly wanted to be a mechanic! That’d be so cool!
Whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I did a 540 spin in the middle of traffic. Without a doubt silliest thing I’ve ever done. Tsk tsk -_-
What’s one thing you can’t live without?
My Mac.
 Describe your most embarrassing moment.
A couple of months ago I took my Mum out to lunch and accidentally got tipsy after literally 2 sips of my lychee martini! Have you ever been tipsy in front of parents? I never have before, it’s surprisingly weird-awkward & very embarrassing! Needless to say I drank nothing but water for the rest of that lunch.
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m quiet, shy & easily embarrassed which surprises some people given the fact I show myself half-naked on the internet.
What would you say is your best feature and why?
I’m always smiling. Even when I’m not smiling, it still kinda looks like I’m smiling.
What makes you feel sexy?
I feel the most sexy when I’m weight training. I’d be listening to my fav tunes, sweating, muscles shaking, struggling to do that last rep.. Yea, I love that.
What would it take for a guy to win your heart?
It would be nice to meet someone who’s challenging and inspiring. That would definitely win my heart.. That or a really, really funny joke.
Describe your idea of a perfect date.
It doesn’t matter really what we do. If he’s courteous and conducts himself in a gentlemanly way throughout our time together; to me that’s perfect.
What websites do you spend most of your time on?
I’m a big Facebooker. I try to comment & like back everyone. I also YouTube hilarious videos. There’s something about people tripping over things & talking animals that always cracks me up.
Any pet peeves?
Car license plates that suggest both the colour & make of the car. Unless it’s a cute play on words it’s just plainly pointing out the obvious.
Any Shout Outs?
Thank you to my fav Aussie photographers Natalie V & Raymond Korn for the sexy images for My close friend & stylist James GroomCo for taking good care of my hair and of course a shout out to, thank you for having me!

Serena Fuentes sexy in lingerie
Serena Fuentes sexy in lingerie

Filipina Model Serena Fuentes
Filipina Model Serena Fuentes

Sexy Model Serena Fuentes
Sexy Model Serena Fuentes

Sexy Model Serena Fuentes

Sexy Model Serena Fuentes
Serena Fuentes

Serena Fuentes

Serena Fuentes

Serena Fuentes

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Serena Fuentes

Serena Fuentes sexy in bikini
Serena Fuentes sexy in bikini

Serena Fuentes sexy in bikini

Serena Fuentes nude

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