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Claudia Romani (April 14, 1982 in L'Aquila, Italy) was born in L’Aquila, Italy. She is an only child: since a young age she enjoyed traveling with her parents in order to discover new places and cultures , she studied languages in her hometown, then decided to attend a Multimedia Design class  in Copenhagen, Denmark. One day on Bellevue Beach she got approached by an FHM talent scout and that’s where her modeling career begun. Claudia looked very exotic to the Scandinavian market and that’s what made her well know in a short matter of time. She was featured on the FHM cover, the Dancechart cover and posters all over Denmark, appeared on the Nik go Jay music video Lekker as well as winning different contests including “Denmark most beautiful legs” by Q magazine and Extrabladet “Girl of the year”, She was also voted one of the “Sexiest Women in the World” by FHM. She then started to go back and forth between Denmark and England: she studied English literature in London as well as teaching boy band Blue how to pronounce Lyrics of their songs in Italian, translated by Tiziano Ferro. Claudia was featured on The Sun, The London Paper, The daily Mirror and so on. Claudia then moved to Miami, Florida: she got signed by a big Modeling  Agency and received a Green Card based on Extraordinary Abilities. Claudia is well known on the Latin Market having been featured on Miami Life Magazine countless times, Miami Shoot Magazine, Gente De Miami, Gente Sur, Semanario Argentino and so on as well as having appeared on popular TV shows as Noche de Perros, Despierta America and Sabado Gigante and is starting to be be very well known on the American market too, being a regular on sites and publications such as The New York Post, Egotastic, TMZ, Moe Jackson, The Superficial and even Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks. Claudia is appreciated for being  an international model with an ethic: she is a vegetarian and always supports Peta and other associations for animal rights, is a spokesperson for Forza L’Aquila and Circolo tennis to raise funds for her hometown hit by a devastating earthquake and is surely a role model for young girls who follow her, as she  studied nutrition, exercises on a daily basis and  stands up for curvy/healthy girls like herself. Claudia was recently featured on GQ Mexico, being the most voted on “Las mas Guapas del 2012″ as well as having won the VH1 “Bikini body of the Summer” on the Supermodels category on VH1. Claudia’s image and her message went viral on several occasions: she became the most known supporter of the Italian soccer team during Euro 2012 as her pictures wearing the Official Italian shirt were used by the media worldwide as well as her images wearing the now famous Obama bikini, to support the re-election of the Democratic President.

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Claudia Romani Wallpapers
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